4 Top tips for brands on Twitter

Whether you’re currently running, or going to run, a corporate Twitter account, there are a few key things you should be considering above all else. Below are my four top tips:

  • 1. Have a personality

It’s often difficult to keep the tone and personality of a corporate account in line with the company “tone & personality” because, before social media, companies didn’t have many opportunities to show a personality. Their style of communications was dictated to by the medium on which they were communicating. Well, the same is still quite true. The medium is now online and the requirement is that companies have a ‘human’ personality.

Pick a personality and allow your community managers to apply a tone and style that is in line with the personality you would like your company to embody. The personality doesn’t have to be super funky with winky-faces and LOLs, it can be more serious while maintaining a personal feel and a personality that reflects the true brand.

Many brands have allowed those that are in charge of their social presence to also be advocates and torch bearers of the brand in the social space. In the US, Ford follows this example.

Another example of trying to be more personal is by adding the initials of the person who is tweeting off the account (^JB). @Wired magazine introduces the person who will be tweeting and monitoring every week.

  • 2. Have a content strategy

Knowing what to tweet isn’t always easy so developing a content strategy and plan makes posting that much easier. My advise is to separate all the content into different streams and then look for interesting / relevant content types for each stream.

      Examples of content streams:
      – Product
      – Marketing
      – News
      – Insight
    – Social
      Examples of content types:
      – Alerts
      – Reminders
      – Promotions
    – Links
  • 3. Add value and additional services

The most obvious value you can add via a corporate Twitter account is to receive support requests and problem solve directly with your customers. Being the most obvious meant that this style of engagement has been widely adopted and is being run well by a number of companies, both globally and locally.

Companies should also be looking to move past basic support and enable new and interesting services. Starbucks allows you to tweet your order, and some restaurants allow you to tweet for a reservation. Acura in the UK enabled booking a service via Twitter. What can your company do?

Then there’s the safe bet: competitions and twitter deals where you can reward your audience with specific deals or specials that are open to them alone.

  • 4. Make it known

It’s time to be loud and proud about your social media profiles. Incorporate them into your above the line marketing and communications and take every other opportunity to let people know that you’re on Twitter, Facebook etc. and encourage them to join those communities. The more you can integrate your audience the more opportunities they have to experience your brand.

There are a number of different ways of promoting your social media profiles and there’s a blog post coming soon from Reece Jacobson on this very topic, so keep your eye on our blog.

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