VW Polo Vivo – 2010

It’s always sad when a legend dies. Michael Jackson, Ronnie James Dio, Gordon Brown…no wait. Well close enough.

Another legend that made its way to the light was the VW Citi Golf. It had a good run though, 25 years of raking in the cash over there at VW. It gave wheels to few who could afford cars, and many that could easily afford , but wanted cheap running costs, good fuel consumption, and some fair reliability. Go to any university in the country and the parking lot will undoubtedly have em lined up, in all versions, colours and after-market rim sizes around. However, recently, it came under much scrutiny from the motoring fraternity over the high running costs, general pricing, and most of all…safety. The latest eastern imports were beating it on all fronts.

And so VW decided to pull this legend from the roads. Great call I say, as it really was starting to wear thin. One can only do SO many iterations of nomenclature, colours, rim sizes and sound system offers. More importantly, it just wasn’t safe. No design from the 80’s can make it in the traffic these days. It’s like having a wood burning oven in your kitchen, at some point, something’s gonna catch on fire.

Thankfully, or not thankfully, VW launched the new polo range, and renamed (a skill they do oh so well) the 2003 polo, the Polo Vivo. (I’m excited already)

Essentially a stripped down version of the 2003 Polo, giving JUST the necessaries.

I recently drove a 2010 1.6l Trendline hatchback and was impressed with one or two things. Much the same as your impressed with the chairs and décor in a restaurant..but not the actual food, which you came for in the first place. The essential kit in the car I drove was good, we’re talking ipod jack, electric windows, central (remote) locking, ABS, aircon and alloy wheels (gasp)

This said, it is the “top of the range” model in the VIVO stable. I owned a 1.6l Comfortline Polo once upon a time (This came with a HOST over other standard equipment), and it cost me R136 000 in 2003. Current price of the model I drove – R144,900 (standard)

We’re talking about a car that replaced a VW Citi Golf here. The Citi golf had you forking out around R70K in base spec (albeit the base spec Vivo goes for R101 000) Are they smoking crack? This has not replaced a model…it has taken that model, dressed it in a pretty red dress, enhanced her tits, gave her an extreme make-over and sent her out to strip only accepting $1000 bills!

It’s by no means a great drive. It gets the job done. Real A-B stuff, and sure, it’ll sell, sell to AVIS and EuropCar as the new defacto standard for rental cars. Yup, you’ll see em in droves in CT in December, with little pink faced Germans driving up one-way streets in the wrong direction with a map covering the window

One plus, is that it offers more safety features than the Citi Golf could wish to offer. There’s ABS (some models), dual airbags, and overall, the car is a lot more solid than the tin can that was the CitiGolf.

Overall, the package is a great idea around the boardroom table, but when you get out in real life, it just doesn’t add up. It’s like a 50year old woman dressed up in tight leather pants and a see-through top…it appeals to some people, but most just see through it, and realize it’s just not worth the money.

So sadly, no VIVA to the VIVO

See Vivo spec and pricing here – http://www.vw.co.za/models/polovivo

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